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Posted on January 10, 2020

From IANA to Using IP Netblocks WHOIS Database for IP Range Lookups

More and more professionals rely on IP intelligence sources such as IP Netblocks WHOIS Database to learn more about IP addresses and their ranges (consecutively numbered sets of IP addresses). Many, however, do not have a full understanding of how IP netblocks and addresses are broken down in the first place and why this information can be useful.

Essentially, IP addresses are numbers from 0 to 536,870,911. Their distribution amongst users is done by Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR). The idea is that the whole interval is split into parts assigned to different bodies responsible for them. These bodies will then split their IP address intervals into smaller ones and delegate their administration to other bodies or end-users. So finally the smallest intervals will have actual owners, or, vice versa, owners will have one or more intervals.

These points are further tackled in this blog post, starting with a short primer about the relevance of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) in the IP address allocation process just mentioned.

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Posted on December 20, 2019

Now, You Can Get More Information from Our Updated IP Netblocks WHOIS Database

More comprehensive IP intelligence means more value to our clients. That’s why we are proud to announce an important update on our IP Netblocks WHOIS Database, which now has significantly higher proportions of non-empty or non-redacted fields across IP netblocks.

Empty and redacted fields can create significant challenges for IP netblocks users. Cybersecurity professionals, for example, may not be able to check if certain IP addresses in a given netblock belong to the same registrant or someone else. When investigating an attack involving several individuals, it may also be harder, for example, to pinpoint if several compromised addresses are all from one IP netblock and are, therefore, linked.

Marketing professionals, on the other hand, could make the mistake of bundling an IP address with the wrong netblock that’s assigned to a different organization than the one of interest. Other professionals researching specific companies that share a netblock may have a hard time identifying the addresses that actually belong to them. Incomplete data might lead to faulty assumptions and thus results.

In short, we know how vital IP intelligence information is to organizations and how the lack of it can spell trouble for different types of professionals.

With higher proportions of non-empty or non-redacted fields across RIRs, IP netblocks users can now get more actionable information from their queries. With that in mind, let us elaborate on what has changed exactly and the corresponding benefits.

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Posted on February 20, 2019

IP WHOIS lookups vs. an IP Netblocks WHOIS database

In many of the aforementioned applications, it is equally important to find out who an actual IP address is assigned to and which part of the network it belongs to. Technically, it necessary and sufficient for a device to have an IP address to be able to communicate on the network. As it is sufficient, there are nodes which are not assigned a domain name. However, in every communication it is necessary for the IP address to be able to be tracked back at least. This makes IP WHOIS data useful in many of the aforementioned applications, and indeed essential for IT security. In a typical server log, for instance, we have IP addresses whose ownership can be identified via its IP WHOIS record obtainable by the WHOIS protocol...

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Updated on February 20, 2019

Who owns the Internet? IP Netblocks WHOIS Data will tell you

The virtual world of the Internet can be linked to physical entities such as organizations or individuals via only a few techniques. One of the possibilities is to start from the IP address: the unique number associated with each machine connected to the Internet. As such an address is technically essential for any networked machine to operate and each Internet communication to take place, it is a very efficient and viable approach revealing the ownership of the infrastructure and the hierarchy behind its definition...

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