Find out which IP range the particular
IP belongs to, along with ownership

8.9 million+
IP Netblocks in total
Ranges updated daily
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We provide daily updated database of the registered IP Netblocks (IP ranges)
with detailed ownership information regarding each range.

Use cases

Threat investigation and an important component of any network security solution.  Having IPs collected from your or your clients’ firewall logs, you can identify the networks where they have come from as well as their owners.

By collecting IPs from your web server’s log and supplementing them with IP Netblocks whois data, you obtain a data set from which you can deduce the structure and dynamics of your traffic. Such information can have significant marketing implications, e.g. from which networks you are visited most frequently.

Having a network you can possibly be interested in extending, by purchasing neighboring netblocks or find other free blocks for purchase.

Provide access to your clients via network filtering (e.g. a software license or a journal subscription), you can identify their networks from netblocks data.

Address various interesting scientific research problems based on the observation of the structure and dynamics of netblocks.

The database comes in two forms

Full database

A full database of all the IP Netblocks for a given date in unified and consistent JSON or CSV formats.

Daily incremental database

Changes in full IP Netblocks database compared to the previous date. Includes added, dropped and modified IP ranges since yesterday.

Get full information about the IP range in question

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